Are you looking to get married in the Netherlands or outside of the Netherlands, but with an official Dutch wedding officiant (Ambtenaar van de Burgerlijke Stand)? Do you need a registrar from the Netherlands that is able to conduct the whole wedding ceremony in English (or perhaps a different language, like German, Spanish, French or Italian)? Fret not! We have got you covered if you are planning on tying the know in the Netherlands!

Getting married in English, French, German, Spanish or another language

On this site, you will find many official freelance marriage officiant who are able to hold wedding ceremonie either in the Netherlands or abroad on a destination wedding in English and a host of other languages! Need help? Just fill in the below form, tell us what you’re looking for exactly and we’ll contact you and help you out with finding the perfect wedding officiant for your wedding service! Read ahead below the contact form with an explanation how to use our site. All the registrars you will find on this site are already official registrar of marriages for a specific city or town in the Netherlands and can request to become a ‘registrar of marriages for a day’ or ‘wedding officiant for a day’ in most of the other cities in the Netherlands. Cities have the prerogative to decide whether or not to allow this, but most do!

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    How to use our site to find the perfect wedding registrar

    We have collected 70+ official wedding officiants that are able to conduct wedding ceremonies in many languages. You can use the filters to sort and filter the marriage officiants in many different ways. Most useful will be our search filters which shows you which registrar speaks which language:

    As you can see there are quit a number of wedding officiants in the Netherlands who are comfortable with holding a wedding ceremony in English! However, just to be cautious, wedding officiants will be more or less comfortable with English and either prefer to do either just the official part in English or the whole ceremony. Be sure to check with the wedding registrar of your preference and talk with them a bit in English to ensure your expectations are met.

    English speaking wedding officiants

    These 8 marriage officiants are able to conduct your entire ceremony in English fluently!

    Things to know about Dutch weddings


    • Since 2001, same-sex marriages have been legalised in the Netherlands. Both heterosexual and same-sex couples can get married (huwen) in the Netherlands, or enter into a registered partnership (geregistreerd partnerschap).
    • Registered partnerships and marriage are nearly identical in terms of fiscal and judicial consequences, but two main differences stand out:
      • Registered partnerships can be dissolved without going to court, as long as there are no minor children involved.
      • Registered partnerships might not be as easily recognised or understood in your home country / abroad.
    • A registered partnership can be turned into a legal marriage – but not the other way around.
    • Only civil ceremonies are legally recognised in the Netherlands. After the civil ceremony at the registry office, couples often have a religious or secular Dutch wedding as part of their celebration.
    • A religious ceremony can never take place before the civil wedding, due to the separation of church and state and the prevalence of the state above the church
    • To get married in the Netherlands, at least one partner must be Dutch or a resident of the Netherlands.
    • Both must be over 18 and not already married or in a registered partnership. They can also not be too close of kin of each other (e.g. first degree cousins, siblings, etc)
    • You must give notice of your intention to marry (ondertrouw) at least 14 days before your ceremony. In some municipalities you can do this online. Source.