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They were such a sweet couple. Him, the ‘all American boy’ from California. She, the down-to-earth Dutch girl from a small village in one of the beautiful parts of Brabant. Both, when they got to a certain point in their lives, had some kind of wild plans to explore the world, take a road trip.
Partly triggered during a sports session in the gym by a song about freedom, about going on an adventure, she quit her job and went…. to the other side of the world, to New Zealand and Australia.

As for him, he had just traveled to Australia, partly to go on an adventure, but also to learn more about farming life in the outback. Finally, they both ended up in the Australian harbor of Sydney! By working as a ship mate on a tall ship, entertaining the tourists, by offering a real ‘Sydney Harbor Tourist Cruise’.

There they met for the first time! She became more than interested in that nice American, with his sweet eyes and big smile. While he wasn’t immediately so enthusiastic. But thanks to the help of one of the staff, they were able to express their feelings for each other. Which led to their first kiss!

The boy from California and the girl from the Netherlands. A special combination, a mixed match, certainly a nice match. They had to travel to the other side of the world to find true love. And it felt so good! The climax, the magical, highest climax, in the most literal sense of the word, took place on New Year’s Eve, the year they first met.

When they ended up in the CROW’S NEST together, at the very top of the ship! To enjoy and watch the most spectacular fireworks in Sydney
Harbour. How romantic can it be! Some memories will always be remembered. For them it was definitely this one.

Soon after, he proposed to his lovely bride on a beautiful beach on the island of Hawaii. And of course she said yes. I performed their wedding ceremony in the romantic castle of Dussen village. In English.

The Californian guests where not only very emotional, but also surprised. They never had experienced such a personal and intimate wedding ceremony in their homeland! The bridal couple only had eyes for each other and spoke their wedding vows to each other from the bottom of their hearts. In the back row of the room, their son, only 4 months old, slept like a sweet little boy during the entire ceremony. Calm and satisfied.

Love can sometimes be unexpectedly far away. You just need to travel to the other side of the world to find it and make it official! For me, it was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s wedding ceremonies. Undoubtedly unforgettable memories. Both for the bridal couple and for me! How grateful they were to have found me as their wedding officiant.

Do you have wedding plans and do you also want to experience an unforgettable wedding ceremony? Then contact me, I can realize it. I do it with my heart, from my heart.

Ria de Groot

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