He had his eyes on her, long before she even realized he was her neigbour.
Living in the same appartment building on the same floor, opposite to each other.


They now and then meet, in the elevator or on the staircase and there were ‘smoking-moments’ in the mutual hallway, during which no words where spoken. Just puffing and enjoying the cigaret. From her point of view, I mean. But he enjoyed to look at her, without her having the smallest clue he did. As his interest in her grew more and more, he started to think of a plan to get to know her better, at least to really get in contact with her! Just had to be some kind of ‘coincidence’, he thought!

Cute kitten

One day, in the middle of ‘the smoking meeting’ he asked her to wait and see. Stepped in the elevator, went down to the parking lot, to his car and came back with the cutest little kitten. ‘O, how sweet’! The ice was broken right away and from that moment on the ‘smoking sessions’ became so much more friendly. On to the next step!

True love

After he slid a beer mat under her front door, with an written invitation on it, to come and have a drink and a chat at his house, she was still a little hesitant at first.
Long story short, it ended in true love in the end. They had a great relationship, their love grew more and more. She even followed him all the way to a little Dutch village in the west part of Holland, when he took the challenga for a new job. All for love.


Seven years later they stood before me, to give eachother their ‘Yes, I do’.
So sweet, so pure, so sincere.
Mr.Groom, was very nervous and tried to hide his unsecurity behind making jokes and looking deep into the eyes of his ever so nervous lovely bride.
But I sensed their feelings very well and managed to make the wedding ceremony really THEIR ceremony with a nice, light-hearted speech. All attributed to their beautiful love, which began in a special way with a kitten, in the hallway opposite their house, in an apartment building in the north of England.

Wedding officiant

And how special it was for the bridal guests, half of whom were Dutch and the other half English. It gave me the opportunity to mix both languages ​​in a kind of ‘Dunglish’. For me, as a Dutch Wedding Officer, it felt so special to make their ‘English’ love official in their mother tongue, in that small Dutch village.


Happy couple

‘Was it good, did I do it right?’, I informed the groom after the ceremony. “You did even better,” he replied, also on behalf of his sweet, lovely bride. And added a big smile and warm hug to prove he was more than happy with ’the result’.
Then they went to the banquet hall to enjoy a real English ‘happy bridal’ high tea with their guests, with a toast to their happiness!

Ria de Groot

‘for unforgettable memories’

Blog written by Ria de Groot


Marriage officiant Ria de Groot

A warm, personal and unexpectedly surprising ceremony, isn’t that the wish of every bridal couple? Whether in Dutch, English, German, French or any other language. Wondering if I can make that dream come true for you too? Feel free to contact me and we will make the most beautiful, unforgettable plans together

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