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More and more couples who are getting married in the Netherlands have some kind of international component to their wedding. You or your future spouse might come from different countries. Or maybe your parents or some of your friends do not understand Dutch.

Wedding ceremony in English

So what can you do to ensure your wedding ceremony is inclusive and understandible for all? Opt for a wedding registrar who can speak English of course! Luckily there are many of them! We would like to introduce more than 30 wedding officiants to you who are capable to not only let you say “I do” in English, but can perform your entire wedding ceremony in English!

Some of them even speak multiple languages. Would you like to have part of your wedding ceremony in German, French, Spanish, Italian or even Russian, Portugese, Ukranian or Swedish? We have got you covered!

English speaking wedding officiant: Introducing 8 celebrants

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Ceremonial speaker Jasperien Meinhardt

Tying the knot?
A wedding ceremony is so much more than saying “I do”, it is the heart of your wedding day.
Do you picture yourselves in a vibrant and stylish wedding ceremony in which all loved ones (including your foreign guests) feel truly included?
Wanting to celebrate your “I do’s” in a way that reflects you as a couple?
This is exactly why couples approach me to be their wedding registrar or ceremonial speaker.

My name is Jasperien Meinhardt. I lived and worked in London for 5 years, so my English is fluent. My job is the best job there is, and as an enthusiastic wedding registrar and ceremonial speaker, specialised in multilingual wedding ceremonies, my goal is to make a ceremony an unforgettable moment in which everyone feels included.

Your story is my guideline, additional warm words from family and friends will be the cherry on the (wedding) cake. Their stories allow me to get close to you. It will feel as if we have known each other for years, you will feel cherished, touched and bursting with happiness..
You and all your loved ones will enjoy a warm and relaxed wedding ceremony, profound and festive, something to look back on with  great joy.
I can tell your story in English, and if you would like in fluent Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Catalan or Portuguese. Anything is possible.

How do I go about this?
First we meet to get to know one another. When you feel that I can do “the job” in a way that fits you, we make an appointment for a second meeting. During this meeting I will get to know all about you, your life, your love and anyting that is important to you. With your permission I contact friends or family for additional information. Then I start writing. A week before the wedding I contact you to check that all is set to go as we agreed. And then you can look forward to a wonderful ceremony in which there are two things to do for you: enjoy it and say yes.

If  this is what you are dreaming of, let’s celebrate your love together, I look forward to your story!

Wedding officiant Sacha Bucciarelli

~ Your wedding ceremony … with a touch of Italian warmth & charm ~

Please to meet you, my name is Sacha Bucciarelli. Partner, mother, daughter of a Dutch and an Italian, sister, girlfriend, entrepreneur and who knows … even your wedding official / ceremony speaker. A “no-nonsense” person with a special passion for sharing happiness. Whenever, wherever and whoever … as lang as there is LOVE! So, let’s meet. I‘d love to make your ceremony unforgettable!

Let’s date!

Does the wedding date fits my calender? YES! Than we can make an initial appointment as soon as possible. The first appointment is a short introduction, somewhere in between, or at your house or if all else fails, online. A “first date” with no strings attached. Just to see if we also match offline. And if it does, we will plan a “second date”. This second appointment is much closer to THE date. In the meantime, I will forward some questionnaires and ask for phone numbers of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and if appropriate also best friends, neighbours, etc. Anyone who can make a beautiful, personal contribution to an unforgettable day. Certainly with your permission and by no means intended as a boring summary of chronological events. No, on the contrary, my goal is to make the most beautiful, personal and warm connection between your guests and you by telling YOUR STORY and their commitment.

Your ceremony, my profession

So tell me who the two of you are and how, when and where you met. And tell me what makes your hearts beat faster. And tell me about your dreams and wishes. I will attribute my enthusiasm, my humor, my Italian roots and and where appropriate even a tiny tear. And I can do that in Dutch, English, German or partly French or Italian. On a weekday or on the weekend. In full official dress or in appropriate festive clothes. As you wish and at your service!

Quanto costa? What does it cost?

Well, I can be very short and clear about that … if your wedding is to be held in the Netherlands, you pay 600 euros all-in. And for a wedding abroad I will be happy to make a tailor-made offer.

Why such a low price compared to others?

Please ask me in person, I have my reasons. There is no catch somewhere.

So … what’s your first impression? I can’t wait to see you!

Celebrant Josina den Burger

Hello sweet Couple! , 

Congratulations! You are going to marry, how wonderful is that! Of course I would love to carry out your Ceremony:)

In the Netherlands I am an Official Registrar of Marriages and can do a Marriage for the Law in every City. 

Amsterdam is my Headquarter so to speak, but I carry out a lot of Ceremonies like you like to have, and English is no problem at all:)

There are two ways for having a Ceremony,  a legal one for the Law and a special  “symbolic one”

I can give you all the information you need and help you getting a Ceremony as personal and beautiful and great as you dream off!

Maybe have a look in my Website, there is also a English Page and many pictures and also video’s:)

I am looking forward to speak with you!


Marriage registrar Lia van der Wel

Dear bride and groom,

Let me be honest, I am not a native speaker but I can manage with english. I think I am able to express feelings, choose the right words to pronouce anecdotes in a humoristic way.

Any wedding civil servant is good with words, loves to tell a story, trying to make a consistent story with the elements the bride and groom offers during a personal conversation. 

No questionnaire but a spontaneous and interested interview shows me the personalities I am going to write about.

I take a pride in pronouncing the things you did not say but which I attented during our meeting. 

Is it concerning a wedding with dutchmen I compose my own songs or put something into verse. In english up till now I look after consisting songs either verses. 

I’ll better try that in future, I promise you I will, I am convinced enthusiasm and spontaneity covers any lack. 

I would be honoured to celebrate your marriage, let me know when it is going to happen. 

Wedding officiant Marijke Plas


Dear bridal couple,

Congretulations with your intended marriage! The ceremonies I lead are very involved and personally.

Let me tell you something about myself.

I myself have been married for many years to Jan, the father of my three children. I’m a wedding officer since 2005 and have now performed hundreds of marriages at home and abroad in English and Dutch. English is not my native language, I speak well enough but you will always hear that it’s not my native language. Most bridal couples find that my charm. I like te read, I like to travel, I love cooking and I’m also a yogateachter.

Then about the way I work;

I like to tell you about the way I work, I want to share the story of your life with your guests. The time before you have met, for example what kind of child were you and how did you grow up?

And I also would love to hear about the moment you learned to know one another. All the steps you made together, from first kiss to the proposal (if there was any )

The story of your life, or biography, in a nutshell!

Perhaps you like me to address your witnesses (best men or woman).

Why are they witness today? What role do they play in your life? A nice moment to tell them why they are so important to you. And also the witnesses may share their memories of you with me. I send them some questions about you.

The first step is the apointment for interview to make your story mine, this takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

Then we’ll meet (or call) again just one or two weeks before the wedding ( possibly by facetime when your’e not in Holland).

During that second meeting I’ll lead you trough the story that I created from everything you shared with me. And we can discuss the protocol.

How do you come to the isle? Both or does a father or brother guide you?

Is there any music? Do you prefer your own vows?

All those kind of things that makes a wedding professional, personal and

‘a cermony you will never forget!’.

I can also give you a lot of advice from photographer to florist etc.

For all this I’m working more or less about 10 hours.

The price for the ceremony, the elaboration and the weddingday in English is € 995.00 inclusive tax plus travel expenses from Heemstede to your location.

If this is what you are looking for please let me know so that we can make an appointment.

Of course I’d be honored to play an important role on your great day. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Marriage celebrant Ria de Groot

Unforgettable memories….

Isn’t that the ultimate wish of every bride and groom for their weddingceremony?

I can make them come true by creating them for you. Right from my heart!

During an personal speech I will translate the love you feel for each other, in your own language!

Me, having been a mariage official for so many years now, have heard more than 400 couples pronouncing their weddingvows up to now.

My speeches are always surprisingly unique and personal, fully focused on my bridal couple.

Curious about me and my way of working? I’m gladly willing to inform you personally about an unforgettable weddingceremony….


Wedding officer Ria Kuipers

My name is Ria Kuipers-Andrea. I am a sworn wedding officer and have executed many marriages and partner registrations over the years, always with great pleasure and enthousiasm. If you are already married and you are interested in a reconfirmation, I can take care of this for you as well.
Marriage is for everyone. I make no distinction in gender or culture. Apart from Dutch and English I speak German, French and a little Italian.

Since September 1994, I am working as a sworn wedding officer in the province of South Holland. Besides the marriages in “my” municipality, I also do marriages and wedding ceremonies throughout Europe. You also can find me in Italy on a regular basis. I carry out wedding ceremonies with Love, Humor and Fun.
In consultation with the couple, I make sure we create a party that’s unforgettable. Every wedding is unique and has its own story. Children also play an active role in the ceremony.  For every couple I hold a free introductory meeting to discuss all the required steps with the couple. During each ceremony, I also give the witnesses and the family and friends my personal attention. It is my desire to create a memorable ceremony, which will be remembered by all of us, looking back at a special event with beautiful memories. I provide a warm and sparkling ceremony for every bridal couple, at any desired location. I’m going for that because your wedding day  may become A Perfect Day with  Humor and a lot of Fun.


Wedding official Agnes Pol

Yes I will,

These are the words that you will say to each other on the most important day of your life. A day that should not only be the most important, but also one of the most beautiful of your life . Reason enough to carefully search for all the ingredients that are needed for this. Which location? What do I wear? Do we take a photographer? Bud above all:  who do we want as a wedding official or ceremony speaker?

May I…… marry you !

As a wedding official and ceremony speaker, I fulfil perhaps one of the most beautiful roles during the wedding ceremony and I would like to take you on this pad full of adventure. It’s a role that suits me well and that I enjoy fulfilling, 

I’m allowed to marry bridal couples throughout the Netherlands and far beyond.

So yes, I would like to be you wedding official.


Wedding officiant Peter Lusse

Yes, it would be my pleasure to marry you in English. No I’m not a native speaker, but if I do my homework (and I ALWAYS do my homework!), I’d love to contribute to a wedding of your hearts desire.

I have married a couple in English before. The bride was Icelandic-Dutch, and her parents were Icelandic, so performing the ceremony in Dutch just wasn’t an option. The couple and the brides parents were pleasantly surprised.

By the way; No, I won’t marry you in Icelandic. Of course we could give it a try, and the wedding would definitively generate lots of tears, but just not the right kind of tears I’m afraid…

But English? Any time! No subtitles required.

I have been a comedy speaker, writer and actor for fourty years, with lots of experience in the theatre and on TV. I’d love to perform your Wedding Ceremony in English. To tell your story with humor, but also with love and romance. From the heart.


More English speaking ceremonial speakers

Find out more about all of our 31 English speaking wedding officiants! They will happily wed you in English!

Why choose an independant wedding officiant?

In a typical Dutch wedding the ceremony is lead by a wedding registrar from the municipality. This can turn out great as there are many dedicated wedding officiants. However, you can’t be sure. Normally you and your fiance get to pick from a list of names the municipality gives you. If you are lucky, the eligible wedding officiants have a picture and have written a short introduction about themselves. You only know if there is any chemistry between you and your wedding registrar when you meet them. This meeting (or call) typically takes place only a few weeks before your wedding. What if it turns out that you or your husband/wife to be doesn’t like the wedding registrar? It will most likely be too late to pick someone else!

That’s why we recommend you to pick an independant wedding registrar. Instead of choosing from a list of 5-10 names you can choose any of the 85+ independant wedding registrars on our website!

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