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Yes I do! But better not now…

Stressed out because you are not sure if your loved ones will be able to be with you on your wedding day because of Covid-19? Headaches because you want to hug your besties and dread having them at 1.5m from one another due to the Corona virus?

Why not change the date of your wedding now, so you have something positive to look forward to again? After all, your wedding day should be one big positive vibe.

Move your wedding date!

As a wedding registrar and ceremonial speaker specialized in multilingual weddings with lots of international guests, this is exactly what I recommend “my” couples.

OK, so once you’ve taken the hurdle of deciding to postpone, the next one comes in sight. Move the date, but whereto?

Getting married in the autumn

The autumn? With it’s lovely vibrant colours, the autumn is a wonderful season for tying the knot. No scorching summer sun, but lovely soft light (which photographers love) and if you’re lucky mild temperatures that allow you to still proceed with plan A, getting married outside. Don’t forget to get some matching blankets for your guests or a heater to make sure everyone is comfortable during dinner and the party afterwards.

And make sure to have plan B in place, in case the weather gods decide on a stormy start.

The beautiful yellows, oranges and reds ensure your florist to make you a fabulous bouquet and a marvellous decoration. Ah, and don’t forget to also get the first thing you must buy if you decide for a winter wedding…so read on.


Wonderful winter wedding

The winter? First go on a shopping spree to make sure you have something to cover your shoulders to keep you warm if you planned to do a photoshoot outside. And a matching scarf for your hubby-to-be. In any case, it is a good idea to have something to stay comfy during the day. Advice: for the outside photoshoot, wear leggings under your dress. No one is going to see it and you can put on your brightest smile… A winter wedding means warm reds and greens, not forgetting whites, sparkly silvers and golds. Nothing wrong with that, right? It will absolutely bring you in a festive mood. Not forgetting the candles during dinner, it does not get anymore romantic than that.


The pros of a spring wedding

Or playing it safe and moving the date to spring 2021? Great stuff, think of a fragrant and fragile lily-of-the-valley in your bouquet. Tender and fresh greens, or bright colourful tulips, anything is possible in springtime. If you’re lucky plan A to get hitched outside is possible again, March and April can show off some pretty good temperatures.


Tying the knot on a weekday

Once you have settled for the season, set the date with your municipality if you are planning a civil wedding. And contact your providers shortly, since more couples are moving their wedding date. If finding a date that suits all is a problem, why not consider a Thursday or a Monday? Surely your guests will be more flexible in the off-peak season, no need to worry about them, they can take the day off, I am sure they look forward to a long weekend.


International wedding advice for “Corona brides and grooms”

For all “international” weddings: flights may be postponed free of charge. And for those who had not yet booked a flight, flights in the low season are cheaper than in full wedding season, that is sure. And the same goes for their hotel accommodation.

Say Yes I do after the Corona crisis is over

Turn all the negative Corona news into something positive. You hadn’t asked for it this way, but I know it will be unforgettable. And that is what you deserve.

Stay safe, stay healthy. I look forward to make you say Ja ik wil, Yes, I do, Sí quiero, Ja ich will, Sì voglio, Si eu quero or Oui je veux with all your loved ones surrounding you!


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