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Congratulations, you found the perfect partner.

Now, you will have to make sure your wedding day will be just as perfect. First thing that comes to mind is of course, THE dress and then a nice location for the ceremony, reception and so forth. Many couples spend a lot of time on these two things, which is very logical.

Why choose a ceremonial speaker?

However, just as logical would be to find the right ceremonial speaker or wedding registrar to match your perfect day. Why? Because the ceremony is the true heart of your day; it is the most exciting, the most valuable and the most emotional moment of the day. And imagine, the two of you looking forward to tie the knot and having a wedding registrar assigned by the municipality who says he/she speaks English or German or any other language you asked for, but makes silly mistakes, or who is a person that did not understand that you were really looking for a lighthearted and humorous moment rather than a serious and boring ceremony. The only thing you and your guests will remember of your ceremony will be the mistakes that were made and the way it made you feel at that moment.


Make your ceremony an unforgettable moment

This is exactly why choosing your own wedding registrar or ceremonial speaker is an important element to ensure a memorable wedding day. Choosing a person who matches your personalities, your wishes and ideas, as well as someone who is able to address your guests in their own language will make all the difference. Someone who will put a lot of effort into truly getting to know you and your loved ones, someone who puts your story into words in a way that really fits you, as if that person had known you for a long time. All those elements will make your ceremony the unforgettable moment that you are looking for, a moment to cherish for a long time to come.
So, go online and start looking for the perfect match with the ceremonial speaker of your dreams. He or she will make all the difference and will wholeheartedly look forward to listen to your story.

I am certainly looking forward to yours.


Wedding registrar and ceremonial speaker

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