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Ga je trouwens en spreekt je partner Engels? Of verwacht je veel gasten uit Amerika of Engeland? Dan is het mooi als een gedeelte van jullie trouwceremonie of jullie gehele huwelijksvoltrekking in het Engels kan plaatsvinden. Anke is een ervaren trouwambtenaar die jullie kan trouwen in het Engels. Hieronder kan je een aantal van haar anekdotes lezen.


A son of a fish supplier started a relationship with a girl from Rotterdam. “ Mrs. Minnee, what do you think she had made when my parents came to dinner for the first time?” “FISHFINGERS!!” This was such a good story it just had to be told during the ceremony.

Tears in our eyes

A bridegroom wanted to sing a song to his wife after the ceremony and he asked: “Can I do that, Mrs. Minnee”? “Of course, this kind of initiative I applaud immensely.”

Result: the bride, guests and myself all had tears in our eyes…


Stay up late

I asked a beautiful little bridesmaid if she would stand up so that I could admire her dress. She did a twirl and after this I asked her, “I expect you can stay up late tonight?” She said: “Yes and I can also watch ‘The bold and the bjoetifol’.”

The word “Yes”

Children present in the wedding room? Often a celebration due to their frankness and sincerity.

Once I was talking about the word “yes” and how important this small word is on the wedding day. I asked a four year old girl: “If mummy asks you if you want an ice cream, what do you say?” “Please”, said the well raised girl. This was not the answer I had hoped for, but a good reason to compliment the parents with the way they had raised their daughter.

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